Visual Stories of Hockey Seasons

What is This Site?

NHL seasons are very long and eventful. Each team has ups and downs, winning and loosing streaks. Some will get to the playoff berth by beginning of February, some will not known their fate until very last game of the season. Sometime when team's key scorer gets injured team will have certain draught, sometime they score like crazy.

You can go to the official NHL web site and check out complete team's schedule and result but these are dry numbers and you will not be able see full picture of the team's season. This is where our site comes to play. We show you different graphs about all teams seasons starting with the first post-lockout 2005-2006 season.

You can see in a very easy to understand visual way what was the story behind each team's season. When and for how long they had winning or loosing streaks, when they blown up their opponent with ridiculously high scores, what was the biggest win and the biggest lose for them, when they got into playoff berth and probably few other interesting data points.

How is it Organized?

On the right side you can see list of all NHL seasons we have data for. Select a season and you will see different graphs for this season. Currently we have the following:

We're working right now to add some East vs. West and Team vs. Team comparison.

If you like this site feel free to use this data in anyway you want, but please mention us as the source. If you have any idea of different kind of visual graphs we're missing - let us know via Feedback form.

Special Thanks

To the National Hockey League for providing data for all seasons in a very easy, accessible format. And to for such a powerful, yet very easy to use JS graph engine.